Daily Lessons for Teaching The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby

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Daily Lessons

Lesson 1

Objective: This section of the play shows us how style can blend with substance to create an effective sense of atmosphere and storytelling. This lesson will discuss this atmosphere and storytelling.

1) Class Discussion: Describe this first scene.

Small Group Activity: What is interesting about this scene? How might Dickens be unique?

Class Discussion: Share the groups' thoughts about this scene and its unique qualities. What impression do you have of this play, so far?

Homework: What are three aspects that make Dickens' work an example of excellent literature?

Lesson 2

Objective: In Part 1, Act 1, Scenes 1-7, three key aspects of Dickens' work in general is the detail and breadth of his characters, characters in his stories play out a complicated plot, and his stories tend to be about the tensions between rich and poor. This lesson will discuss these three aspects.

1) Class Discussion: Share the students' responses to...

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