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Robert K. Massie
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where do the girls live?
(a) Above their mother's bedroom at Tsarskoe Selo.
(b) Above their father's bedroom at Tsarskoe Selo.
(c) Above their mother's bedroom at Livadia.
(d) Above their father's bedroom at Livadia.

2. Which option lists the names of Nicholas and Alexandra's daughters in order of their birth?
(a) Anastasia, Marie, Tatiana, and Olga.
(b) Tatiana, Olga, Marie, and Anastasia.
(c) Marie, Anastasia, Olga, and Tatiana.
(d) Olga, Tatiana, Marie, and Anastasia.

3. When Rasputin visits the Alexander Palace, where does he stay?
(a) In Alexis' quarters.
(b) Above the Princesses' bedrooms.
(c) In Nicholas' quarters.
(d) At Anna Vyrubova's house.

4. How does Prime Minister Kokovtsov, who replaces Stolypin after his assassination, come to be replaced by Rasputin's ally, Goremykin?
(a) A revolutionary assassinates Kokovtsov.
(b) Kokovtsov dies in office of a massive heart attack.
(c) Kokovtsov steps down voluntarily.
(d) Rasputin pressures Nicholas to remove Kokovtsov.

5. What does Rasputin do when Stolypin banishes him?
(a) He goes on a trip to Palestine.
(b) He goes on a trip to the United States.
(c) He goes on a trip to Jerusalem.
(d) He goes on a trip to Japan.

6. Why does the royal trains stop wherever there is a cool spot or water available?
(a) Because there is no water on the trains.
(b) Because travel is hot and stuffy.
(c) Because travel is cold and damp.
(d) Because the trains overheat often.

7. In which member of the European royal family does the hemophilia gene first appear as a spontaneous mutation?
(a) Queen Victoria of England.
(b) Queen Isabella of Spain.
(c) Queen Elizabeth I of England.
(d) Marie Antoinette of France.

8. What happens to the two older girls instead of their debut?
(a) They are sent to St. Petersburg.
(b) They stay with the family at Tsarskoe Selo.
(c) They are sent to their Aunt Ella's convent.
(d) They are sent to England.

9. Nicholas' wedding takes place:
(a) In St. Petersburg, after Alexander's funeral.
(b) In Moscow, after Alexander's funeral.
(c) In St. Petersburg, before Alexander's funeral.
(d) In Moscow, during Alexander's funeral.

10. What is the purpose of the Assembly of Russian Workingmen, found by Plehve and Father George Gapon?
(a) To steer workers away from revolutionary ideas.
(b) To overthrow the Tsar.
(c) To steer workers toward revolutionary ideas.
(d) To fight for workers' rights.

11. What is the response of Kaiser William, the ruler of Germany and Tsar Nicholas' cousin, to the Austrian shelling of Serbia?
(a) He allies Germany with Serbia and, therefore, with Russia as well.
(b) He invades Serbia.
(c) He allies Germany with Austria and, therefore, against Russia and Serbia.
(d) He invades Austria.

12. Why does Russia negotiate a ninety-nine-year lease with China on Port Arthur?
(a) It gives Russia an eastern port.
(b) It gives Russia a foot in the door with the Chinese.
(c) It gives Russia a way to get supplies to Siberia by sea.
(d) It gives Russia an ice-free port.

13. What takes place in 1913 that, by July 1914, involves more than one and one half of Russia's citizens?
(a) A religious awakening.
(b) A plague.
(c) A political movement.
(d) A nationwide strike.

14. What happens to Alexis while the family is vacationing at Spala?
(a) He has a hemorrhage in his thigh and knee.
(b) He has a hemorrhage in his knee and calf.
(c) He has a hemorrhage in his groin and thigh.
(d) He has a hemorrhage in his groin and abdomen.

15. What is Russia's response to the Austrian shelling of Serbia?
(a) The Tsar invades Serbia.
(b) The Tsar mobilizes Russian troops along the Austrian border.
(c) The Tsar mobilizes Russian troops along the Serbian border.
(d) The Tsar invades Austria.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much longer does the family stay at Spala, before returning to Tsarskoe Selo, after Alexandra's conversation with Rasputin?

2. What does Stolypin do away with?

3. In one word, how is Rasputin's appearance described?

4. What does the Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna say about Nicholas and Alexandra?

5. What does Russia's government receive on October 30, 1905?

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