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Robert K. Massie
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How is Rasputin's power over others characterized?
(a) Hypnotic.
(b) Persuasive.
(c) Bullying.
(d) Charismatic.

2. What does Rasputin do when Stolypin banishes him?
(a) He goes on a trip to Palestine.
(b) He goes on a trip to Jerusalem.
(c) He goes on a trip to the United States.
(d) He goes on a trip to Japan.

3. What kind of life do the Tsar's children lead?
(a) Spartan.
(b) Poverty-stricken.
(c) Average.
(d) Luxurious.

4. How does Prime Minister Kokovtsov, who replaces Stolypin after his assassination, come to be replaced by Rasputin's ally, Goremykin?
(a) Kokovtsov steps down voluntarily.
(b) Rasputin pressures Nicholas to remove Kokovtsov.
(c) A revolutionary assassinates Kokovtsov.
(d) Kokovtsov dies in office of a massive heart attack.

5. What is the Romanovs' approach to publicizing Alexis' Spala injury?
(a) They only tell close friends and immediate family.
(b) They only tell the citizens of Spala and St. Petersburg and swear them to secrecy on pain of death.
(c) They use it as an opportunity to educate Russians about hemophilia.
(d) They keep it a secret from the world.

6. What position in Russia's government does Plehve hold?
(a) Minister of Labor.
(b) Foreign Minister.
(c) Minister of the Interior.
(d) Prime Minister.

7. What happens to Alexandra as a result of the stress she experiences while caring for Alexis during the first eleven days of his injury?
(a) Her hair begns to turn gray.
(b) She has a nervous breakdown.
(c) Her hair falls out.
(d) She has a stroke.

8. What region of Russia, where the Romanovs go every spring and celebrate Easter, is the family's favorite?
(a) The Urals.
(b) The Crimea.
(c) Siberia.
(d) The Ukraine.

9. What is the name of the first Romanov Tsar?
(a) Michael.
(b) Ivan.
(c) Peter.
(d) Nicholas.

10. In what month and year is Nicholas II crowned Tsar?
(a) January 1895.
(b) May 1896.
(c) January 1896.
(d) May 1895.

11. What faith does Nicholas' fiancee have to convert to in order to marry him?
(a) Judaism.
(b) Russian Orthodox.
(c) Islam.
(d) Roman Catholicism.

12. In whose carriage does Nicholas' mother, Marie, ride during the coronation ceremony?
(a) Alexandra's.
(b) Catherine the Great's.
(c) Nicholas's.
(d) Vlad the Impaler's.

13. How does Alexandra meet Rasputin?
(a) Through Alexis' bodyguards.
(b) Through her best friend, Anna Vyrubova.
(c) Through Nicholas.
(d) Through the Empress Marie, her mother-in-law.

14. What concept does Stolypin introduce to Russian society?
(a) Representative democracy.
(b) Labor unions.
(c) Indoor plumbing.
(d) Private property.

15. Which option lists the names of Nicholas and Alexandra's daughters in order of their birth?
(a) Marie, Anastasia, Olga, and Tatiana.
(b) Anastasia, Marie, Tatiana, and Olga.
(c) Olga, Tatiana, Marie, and Anastasia.
(d) Tatiana, Olga, Marie, and Anastasia.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much longer does the family stay at Spala, before returning to Tsarskoe Selo, after Alexandra's conversation with Rasputin?

2. What German author's writings influence Lenin?

3. Nicholas and Alexandra's first home is at the palace in:

4. In what language does Nicholas want all business conducted?

5. When Austria presents an ultimatum to Serbia, what is Serbia's first reaction?

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