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Robert K. Massie
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is one of the nationalities that is NOT part of the empire over which the Tsar rules?
(a) Tartars.
(b) Slavs.
(c) French.
(d) Germans.

2. What is the Romanovs' approach to publicizing Alexis' Spala injury?
(a) They only tell the citizens of Spala and St. Petersburg and swear them to secrecy on pain of death.
(b) They keep it a secret from the world.
(c) They only tell close friends and immediate family.
(d) They use it as an opportunity to educate Russians about hemophilia.

3. As a "starets" or man of God, what is Rasputin specifically considered to be?
(a) An apostle.
(b) An evangelist.
(c) A miracle healer.
(d) An exorcist.

4. In one word, how is Rasputin's appearance described?
(a) Unkept.
(b) Outdoorsy.
(c) Metrosexual.
(d) Dapper.

5. What does the jeweler Faberge make every Easter for Nicholas' wife and mother?
(a) Jeweled rabbits.
(b) Jeweled eggs.
(c) Jeweled crosses.
(d) Jewel-encrusted crowns.

6. What happens to Alexandra as a result of the stress she experiences while caring for Alexis during the first eleven days of his injury?
(a) Her hair falls out.
(b) She has a stroke.
(c) She has a nervous breakdown.
(d) Her hair begns to turn gray.

7. What type of economy does Russia have in 1906, when Peter Stolypin becomes prime minister of Russia?
(a) Service.
(b) Industrial.
(c) Agricultural.
(d) Seafaring.

8. What does Russia's government receive on October 30, 1905?
(a) Its first constitution and president.
(b) Its first real challenge from the Bolsheviks.
(c) A male heir.
(d) Its first constitution and parliament.

9. Which Russian Prime Ministers does Alexandra send Rasputin to meet with?
(a) Goremykin and Witte.
(b) Stolypin and Kokovtsov.
(c) Goremykin and Kokovtsov.
(d) Goremykin and Stolypin.

10. Nicholas and Alexandra's first home is at the palace in:
(a) Anitchkov.
(b) St. Petersburg.
(c) Tsarskoe Selo.
(d) Livadia.

11. When do Tsars invoke the blessing of the icon the Vladimir Mother of God?
(a) Before they go to bed.
(b) During peace.
(c) When they are crowned.
(d) During war.

12. From where does Tsar Nicholas announce Germany's declaration of war on Russia to his subjects?
(a) The Winter Palace.
(b) Tsarskoe Selo.
(c) The Kremlin.
(d) The German embassy.

13. What happens to the monk Iliodor after his attempts to confront Rasputin about his immorality fail?
(a) He becomes Rasputin's disciple.
(b) He is thrown into prison.
(c) He commits suicide.
(d) He becomes a revolutionary.

14. How does Prime Minister Kokovtsov, who replaces Stolypin after his assassination, come to be replaced by Rasputin's ally, Goremykin?
(a) A revolutionary assassinates Kokovtsov.
(b) Kokovtsov dies in office of a massive heart attack.
(c) Rasputin pressures Nicholas to remove Kokovtsov.
(d) Kokovtsov steps down voluntarily.

15. What does Stolypin do away with?
(a) Private property.
(b) Communal farming.
(c) The monarchy.
(d) The peasantry.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Russia negotiate a ninety-nine-year lease with China on Port Arthur?

2. When Austria presents an ultimatum to Serbia, what is Serbia's first reaction?

3. This Russian wins the Nobel Prize in 1904:

4. How is Rasputin's power over others characterized?

5. What is the name given to Lenin's group of revolutionaries?

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