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Short Answer Questions

1. Of what does Kriemhild accuse Brunhild during their argument about their husbands?

2. What person does Kriemhild notify first after discovering Siegfried's murder?

3. When Siegfried, acting as Gunther's messenger, shows up in Burgundy without Gunther, what does Giselher assume?

4. What lady meets Kriemhild, at the request of Rudinger?

5. What does Hagen do with the Nibelungers' treasure?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Kriemhild about to do when she hears of Etzel's marriage proposal?

2. Why does Hagen promise to injure Siegfried?

3. Why does Brunhild want Gunther to invite Siegfried and Kriemhild to visit?

4. What ideas oppress Kriemhild after she dreams of walking with, and the kissing her brother Giselher and why does this happen after the dream?

5. At the end of the first day, upon returning to Worms, why does Gunther demand that all girls withdraw from the hall, except his sister?

6. How does Kriemhild end up being killed?

7. What do Hagen's men say when they hear the invitation from Kriemhild?

8. Describe the test of innocence that Kriemhild demands of the men she deems guilty of her husband's murder.

9. By the time thirteen years has passed, how is Kriemhild regarded in Hungary?

10. How does Iring end up fighting Hagen alone?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Kriemhild regrets giving information about Siegfried's vulnerable spot to Hagen, yet instead of telling Siegfried what she has done, she couches her warnings in dream images. Write an essay to explain the following:

Part 1: Explain why Kriemhild does not tell Siegfried outright about the information that she divulges to Hagen.

Part 2: Explain why Kriemhild tells Siegfried of dreams that portend an attempt against his life and doom that hides him from her.

Use specific examples from the poem to support your argument.

Essay Topic 2

Are there men's and women's ways of doing things in the Nibelungenlied, or is the distinction really to be made between the strong people's ways and the less strong people's ways? Does Kriemhild have such a difficult time exacting revenge because she is female, or because she is weaker than Hagen?

Essay Topic 3

After the Burgundians kill the Hunnish knights at the hall, the Burgundians prepare for the next battle by throwing the dead into a heap at the bottom of the stairs, thereby showing disrespect for the dead and for rules and custom. Write an essay that explains three reasons why the Burgundians would intentionally treat the dead and wounded in this manner. What do they accomplish? Provide examples from the poem to support your assertions.

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