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Short Answer Questions

1. How long does Kriemhild go without speaking to Gunther after Siegfried dies?

2. How many princes of lofty rank rode before Etzel to meet Kriemhild on her way to wed him?

3. Why is Brunhild upset by Gunther's engagement of Kriemhild and Siegfried?

4. What is Kriemhild's dream about?

5. Who greets Kriemhild at Rudeger's stronghold?

Short Essay Questions

1. What gifts are exchanged upon Folker's engagement to Rudeger's daughter?

2. Gunther has a rude surprise on his wedding night. Describe the events on Gunther's wedding night.

3. Describe Siegfried's fight with Ludeger.

4. How does Kriemhild end up being killed?

5. What does Alberich, the dwarf treasurer from Nibelung, lament about as the treasure is being retrieved for Siegfried's queen, Kriemhild?

6. Why does Hagen murder the ferryman?

7. What are the games in which Gunther will have to best Brunhild?

8. What happens after Dankwart and Folker manage to bar the doors to the hall?

9. Explain how it comes to pass that Siegfried cannot be wounded, except in one small spot.

10. Why do Gunther and Gernot decide to introduce Kriemhild to Siegfried, even though she has never been introduced to a knight before?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Does Hagen bring his doom upon himself by insulting the queen? Is his conscience struck for having killed Siegfried?

Essay Topic 2

Are there men's and women's ways of doing things in the Nibelungenlied, or is the distinction really to be made between the strong people's ways and the less strong people's ways? Does Kriemhild have such a difficult time exacting revenge because she is female, or because she is weaker than Hagen?

Essay Topic 3

Compare and contrast Gunther and Brunhild with Siegfried and Kriemhild. How are the two couples similar? How are they different?

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