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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Hagen do immediately after he proposes a toast to the dead using Etzel's wine?
(a) Strike off the head of Kriemhild's son.
(b) Behead Werbel the Minstrel.
(c) All answers are correct.
(d) Cut the right hand off of the tutor.

2. Whose death does Kriemhild call for while at court?
(a) Volker's.
(b) Dietrich's.
(c) Gunther's.
(d) Hagen's.

3. What do the unarmed knights use to arm themselves when the battle begins between Hagen's brother and Bloedelin's Hunnish warriors?
(a) Heavy footstools.
(b) No answer is correct.
(c) Swords from dead warriors.
(d) Helmets.

4. Who instigates trouble among Hagen's men after the tournament?
(a) Gunther.
(b) Ortwine.
(c) Folker.
(d) Hagen.

5. Kriemhild asks which king to help her escape the bloodbath?
(a) Dietrich.
(b) Giselher.
(c) Etzel.
(d) Gunther.

6. What do the Huns do at the end of the Midsummer's Eve festivities that is offensive to Volker?
(a) Jostle the nobles.
(b) Bow to Kriemhild.
(c) Thwack Volker with his fiddle-bow.
(d) Threaten Giselher.

7. In Adventure 39, what does Dietrich regret doing to Gunther?
(a) Disrespecting him.
(b) Slaying him.
(c) Taking him to Kriemhild.
(d) Binding him.

8. Why does the ferryman refuse to take Hagen across the river?
(a) Hagen refuses to pay him.
(b) He does not ferry strangers.
(c) He considers Hagen an imposter.
(d) He considers himself above ferrying commoners.

9. Who leads King Gunther's group through the country on the other side of the Danube?
(a) Hagen.
(b) The minstrels.
(c) Gelpfrat.
(d) Volker.

10. What is the dream omen that tells Uote that the warriors should stay home and not travel to Etzel's land?
(a) Mermaids.
(b) Fairies.
(c) A destroyed ferry boat.
(d) Dead birds.

11. What does Rudeger ask Dietrich to do when he rides into the courtyard?
(a) To try to change Etzel's mind.
(b) To negotiate peace with Kriemhild.
(c) To help him kill Hagen.
(d) To finish off the Burgundians.

12. What is Dietrich trying to accomplish by going to see Gunther and Hagen after he discovers that his men are slain?
(a) Dietrich wants revenge.
(b) Dietrich wants Hagen to surrender.
(c) Dietrich wants Gunther to negotiate with his sister.
(d) Dietrich wants Gunther and Hagen to surrender.

13. As they are approaching Rudinger's home, why does Eckewart advise Hagen that he should be on guard in Hungary?
(a) All answers are correct.
(b) Because the people there hate him.
(c) Because Etzel hates him.
(d) Because Kriemhild hates him.

14. What alerts Kriemhild's knights, who are approaching the sleeping King Gunther and his noble companions?
(a) An other-worldly sentinel.
(b) The sight of Hagen standing guard.
(c) Flames like fire coming from the hall.
(d) The sight of the Fiddler standing guard.

15. What does Kriemhild do to the hall in which six hundred Burgundians are trapped?
(a) Use a battering ram on the door.
(b) Set it on fire.
(c) Shoot flaming arrows at the roof.
(d) Pour hot oil through the roof.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to the man who issues the challenge to single combat?

2. Why does Hagen argue that his men should not pursue the attacking Huns?

3. Who first notices the armed men at the front of the hall in which Gunther is sleeping after the Midsummer Eve's festivities?

4. Where do Gunther, his brothers, and the other nobles sleep after the Midsummer's Eve festivities?

5. Who escapes from Hagen and the other men that engage the ferryman's overlord?

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