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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes Dancwart drop his shield in Adventure 31?
(a) His shield arm is wounded.
(b) A blow to his shield by Bloedelin.
(c) The weight of spears that pierce his shield.
(d) He is attacked from behind by many men.

2. What does Kriemhild order her men to do after the first battle in the feast hall?
(a) Wait until Gunther's men come out of the feast hall and then fight them.
(b) Set the feast hall on fire with Gunther's men inside.
(c) Fight until the last man has died or Hagen is killed, whichever comes first.
(d) Gather in the upper windows and slay Gunther's men with arrows.

3. After Giselher knocks Iring unconscious, what does Iring do?
(a) Runs to the door and dies at Hagen's hand on the way out.
(b) Runs to the door, covered with blood.
(c) Runs to the door and wounds Hagen on the way out.
(d) Runs to the door and safely reaches his kinsmen.

4. What does Dietrich do in the fighting in the feast hall?
(a) He convinces Etzel to kill all of the Burgundians.
(b) He arranges a truce that allows him to leave with five hundred knights.
(c) He convinces Kriemhild to repudiate her vengeance.
(d) He kills Hagen and Folker and almost kills Gunther.

5. What does Hagen tell the warriors once they have crossed the Danube?
(a) He tells them that they need to travel fast and light.
(b) He tells them that riches await them.
(c) He tells them that they will conquer Hungary.
(d) He tells them the mermaids' prophecy that they will all die.

6. Who mocks Etzel's might?
(a) Dietrich.
(b) Hagen.
(c) Kriemhild.
(d) Gunther.

7. Who is the best warrior of the Burgundian kings?
(a) Gernot.
(b) The middle son of Lady Uote.
(c) Gunther.
(d) Giselher.

8. How does Volker show his vast strength to the Hunnish people in Adventure 34?
(a) He picks up dead bodies over his head.
(b) He hurls a spear over the heads of the Huns from one end of the fortress to the other.
(c) He wields a broad and heavy sword.
(d) He slaughters more warriors than any man has ever slaughtered in one day.

9. What alerts Kriemhild's knights, who are approaching the sleeping King Gunther and his noble companions?
(a) The sight of Hagen standing guard.
(b) The sight of the Fiddler standing guard.
(c) An other-worldly sentinel.
(d) Flames like fire coming from the hall.

10. What does Dietrich overhear Hagen and Gunther saying about him in Adventure 39?
(a) Gunther will negotiate their release with Dietrich.
(b) Hagen will surrender to Dietrich.
(c) Gunther and Hagen will slay Dietrich together.
(d) Hagen will take on Dietrich in single combat.

11. What incenses Wolfhart and makes him rush into the fight?
(a) Folker's taunts.
(b) Hagen's success in battle.
(c) Grief over Rudeger.
(d) Anger over Hagen's remorselessness.

12. What favor does Folker ask of Rudeger when the Burgundians arrive in Rudeger's stronghold?
(a) He wants safe passage through Rudeger's lands.
(b) He wants to marry Rudeger's daughter.
(c) He wants Rudeger to give Hagen money and lands.
(d) He wants Rudeger to join forces with them.

13. How does Etzel have prior knowledge of Hagen?
(a) Hagen was his hostage as a boy.
(b) He knows Hagen by reputation.
(c) Hagen's mother is his sister.
(d) He ran away with Hildegund.

14. What does Gelfrat want from Hagen's men?
(a) He wants them to pass a message to Etzel.
(b) He wants justice for the slain ferryman.
(c) He wants to escort them safely through his lands.
(d) He wants them to pass a message to Gunther.

15. Who kills Folker?
(a) Dietrich.
(b) Hildebrand.
(c) Wolfhart.
(d) Etzel.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hagen do immediately after he proposes a toast to the dead using Etzel's wine?

2. Who announces in front of the company at the Margrave's home that he would wish to have the Margrave's daughter as a wife?

3. As they are approaching Rudinger's home, why does Eckewart advise Hagen that he should be on guard in Hungary?

4. Under what condition does Dietrich offer to end the battle?

5. What reason does Giselher give for not turning over Hagen to Kriemhild?

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