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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Brunhild and her ladies observe Siegfried do for Gunther that is designed to make Gunther look more kingly?
(a) Hand him a sword.
(b) Hand him a lance.
(c) Hold a stirrup.
(d) Place a crown on his head.

2. Whom does Gunther point to when Siegfried tells him to choose his wife from the women who watch them arrive in Brunhild's lands?
(a) Hadburg.
(b) Uta.
(c) Brunhild.
(d) Kriemhild.

3. What does Kriemhild do, without her husband's knowledge, when her family is invited to the summer festival in Hungary?
(a) Give treasure to the messengers for them to give to Giselher.
(b) Take an additional messenger with them to persuade her brothers to come to Hungary.
(c) Have a secret meeting with the messengers in her apartments.
(d) Give treasure to the messengers to use to adorn Siegfried's grave.

4. Where is the city of Xanten located?
(a) The Netherlands.
(b) Burgundy.
(c) China.
(d) Germany.

5. What do Hagen and Gunther propose to hunt for with Siegfried?
(a) Wild boar and wolves.
(b) Geese and cranes.
(c) Bear, boar, and wild bull.
(d) Buried treasure.

6. What favor does Kriemhild ask of Etzel?
(a) She wants him to ally himself with Gunther.
(b) She wants him to raise their son as a heathen.
(c) She wants to return home to Burgundy.
(d) She wants to see her friends from Gunther's lands.

7. How long do Kriemhild and the Nibelungers keep watch over Siegfried's body?
(a) Seven days.
(b) Ten days.
(c) Three days.
(d) Two weeks.

8. Who do Hagen's men say is marching on King Gunther's lands at the beginning of Adventure 15?
(a) Ludeger.
(b) Ortwine.
(c) Siegmund.
(d) Siegfried.

9. What maiden grew up of high lineage and is so fair that none in any land could be fairer?
(a) Kriemhild.
(b) The Queen.
(c) Brunhild.
(d) Uote.

10. Where does Hagen put Siegfried's body?
(a) In a coffin.
(b) In front of Kriemhild's door.
(c) In front of Siegmund's door.
(d) In bed with Kriemhild.

11. What do Siegfried's final words state?
(a) That Gunther must take care of Kriemhild.
(b) That the traitors have signed their own death warrants.
(c) That Hagen and Gunther will be betrayed themselves.
(d) That the traitors have avenged his crime and expunged it.

12. While they are arguing, what evidence does Brunhild provide to Kriemhild that she thinks supports the idea that Siegfried is the vassal of Gunther?
(a) She sees Siegfried hold a stirrup so that Gunther can mount a horse.
(b) She is greeted with more esteem than any other queen because of who her husband is.
(c) She hears Siegfried say that he is Gunther's vassal.
(d) She knows that Gunther's lands are worth more than Siegfried's lands.

13. What does Siegmund say to Gunther upon his visit to Worms to visit Gunther and Brunhild?
(a) Your wife is attired magnificently, as according to her station.
(b) I thank you for receiving me with the same honors as befit my son.
(c) I am very glad I came!
(d) Ever since my son gained your friendship I have wanted to meet you.

14. What happens to suitors who cannot best Brunhild in three games?
(a) They lose their heads.
(b) They are banished.
(c) They sacrifice all their property.
(d) They are drawn and quartered.

15. After the queens start to argue about their husbands' rank, why do the people wonder when they see the queens at the cathedral?
(a) The queens are arrayed in splendor, such as has never before been seen.
(b) The queens arrive separately.
(c) Brunhild arrives with Siegfried while Kriemhild stands alone.
(d) The queens do not greet each other when they arrive simultaneously at the cathedral.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long does the wedding feast last when Etzel takes Kriemhild as a bride?

2. Why does Ortwin suggest to Gunther that he bring out lovely maidens for his guests to see at the festivities in Adventure 5?

3. Who greets Kriemhild at Rudeger's stronghold?

4. What does Siegfried pledge to do after he meets Kriemhild?

5. What is the literary device that describes Kriemhild's dream?

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