Nibelungenlied Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. How does Kriemhild feel about getting married one day?

Kriemhild tells her mother that she is not interested in getting married one day. She has seen examples of women who were unhappy in marriage, so she wants to "keep her beauty" until she dies. She wants to avoid marrying a warrior because, to her, doing so means that she pays for her happiness with sorrow. She would rather be unmarried than be made wretched by the love of a man.

2. What is Siegfried more interested in than ruling as king, and why?

Siegfried is mostly interested in winning lands and treasure. He is not interested in the intrigues of court and taking over for his father to rule as king. He prefers to exercise his considerable martial abilities. He spends his days winning lands and treasure and, as a result, he accumulates a large storehouse of gold.

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