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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Adventure 35, How Iring Was Slain.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the Burgundians keep themselves alive?
(a) By eating the flesh of the dead.
(b) By drinking the blood of the dead.
(c) By fighting their way to a well and replenishing themselves.
(d) By capturing the kitchen of the feast hall.

2. Where is Siegfried during the contest between Brunhild and Gunther?
(a) He is aboard the ship.
(b) He is pounding on the gate of Brunhild's fortress.
(c) He is fighting a giant.
(d) He is in the thick of the contest.

3. Oddly enough, who is sent as a messenger to Uote and Kriemhild at Burgundy after the contest between Gunther and Brunhild?
(a) Ortwin.
(b) Hagen.
(c) Dancrat.
(d) Siegfried.

4. How does Hagen taunt Etzel in Adventure 34?
(a) He refers to his slaying of Ortlieb, his infant son.
(b) He tells Etzel he will topple his entire empire.
(c) He tells Etzel he is personally plotting against his life.
(d) He refers to Siegfried having his pleasure of Kriemhild first.

5. What do the four newlyweds do after mass is sung the morning after the wedding night?
(a) Bestow lavish gifts on noble men and women.
(b) Attend the royal rites and become crowned.
(c) Preside over the wedding feast.
(d) Don festive clothing and dance the customary post-nuptial dance.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many princes of lofty rank rode before Etzel to meet Kriemhild on her way to wed him?

2. After Giselher knocks Iring unconscious, what does Iring do?

3. What makes the sound that causes Gunther to command that his men stop battling?

4. What does Dankwart tell Hagen when he bursts into the feast hall?

5. For what does Kriemhild praise Iring?

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