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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Adventure 28, How Kriemhild Received Hagen.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Kriemhild live?
(a) Denmark.
(b) Isenstein.
(c) Burgundy.
(d) The Netherlands.

2. Who does Hagen displease by murdering the ferryman?
(a) Gunther.
(b) Etzel.
(c) Gelpfrat and Else.
(d) Rudiger.

3. Whose position does Kriemhild assume after she and Siegfried have been married for ten years?
(a) Dame Uta's.
(b) Brunhild's.
(c) Hadburg's.
(d) Lady Sieglind's.

4. How does Gunther answer Kriemhild's messengers?
(a) He will not allow anyone to go.
(b) He will confer with his friends and answer.
(c) He will send Gernot and Giselher but not Hagen.
(d) He will answer her after the tournament.

5. How do Kriemhild and Siegfried behave when they first meet?
(a) Kriemhild is too shy to look at Siegfried, who is disappointed.
(b) It is obvious to the court that they fall in love at first sight.
(c) They convey their mutual enmity.
(d) They exchange tender looks in secret.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who greets Kriemhild at Rudeger's stronghold?

2. What is the literary device that describes Kriemhild's dream?

3. In whom does Kriemhild take comfort as she makes her decision about where to live?

4. What do the people at the Danube tell Hagen?

5. What does Rudeger give to Gunther and his men?

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