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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Adventure 19, How the Treasure of the Nibelungers Was Brought to Worms.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In whom does Kriemhild take comfort as she makes her decision about where to live?
(a) Hagen.
(b) Giselher.
(c) Gunther.
(d) Gernot.

2. Why is Siegfried's son, Gunther, left at home with Siegfried visited Burgundy?
(a) He is conducting other diplomatic business.
(b) He is away at school when Siegfried leaves.
(c) He is too young.
(d) Siegfried does not trust Brunhild.

3. Who is Kriemhild's mother?
(a) Brunhild.
(b) Helca.
(c) Dame Uta.
(d) Albric.

4. Who is unwilling to give up the plot to murder Siegfried?
(a) Gernot
(b) Gunther.
(c) Hagen.
(d) Giselher

5. What does Kriemhild's dream foretell will happen to Siegfried on the hunt?
(a) There will be an attempt on his life.
(b) Boars will chase him and gore him to death.
(c) A man will vent his malice on him.
(d) Flowers will drown in blood.

Short Answer Questions

1. On whom do Liudegast and Luidegar supposedly declare war?

2. Who makes the clothing that Gunther wears to meet Brunhild?

3. Where does Kriemhild live as a widow in Burgundy?

4. Who implores Kriemhild to stay in Burgundy?

5. What oath has Kriemhild taken?

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