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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Adventure 32, How Bl?del Was Slain.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What further insult does Hagen reign upon Siegfried's lifeless body after they bring it back to the fortress?
(a) He leaves the body with the horses.
(b) He covers the body in mud and muck.
(c) He curses over the body by moonlight.
(d) He sets the body down on the threshold of Kriemhild's apartment.

2. Who does not join the mourners at the cathedral?
(a) The people of Burgundy.
(b) Hagen.
(c) All answers are incorrect.
(d) Gunther.

3. How does Kriemhild plan to start a confrontation on the Burgundians' first morning in Hungary?
(a) She tries to isolate Hagen and poison him.
(b) She thinks that if a Hun is hurt in the tournament, general battle will begin.
(c) She spreads rumors about the Burgundians to stir up the Huns' ill will.
(d) She insults Hagen to his face.

4. Who in Burgundy knows of the strangers that journey from Etzel's land to seek Kriemhild's hand in marriage?
(a) Gernot.
(b) Rudiger.
(c) Hagen.
(d) Giselher.

5. Whom does Gunther send to Burgundy with news of his imminent arrival?
(a) Hagen.
(b) Albric.
(c) Brunhild.
(d) Siegfried.

Short Answer Questions

1. What person does Kriemhild notify first after discovering Siegfried's murder?

2. How does Hagen taunt Etzel in Adventure 34?

3. What does Kriemhild ask Hagen when she greets him?

4. Which noblemen lead the knights to withdraw from the tournament that takes place after church in Adventure 31?

5. Why does Hagen advise the Burgundian warriors to wear armor to church?

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