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Objective: Adventure 1, Kriemhild's Dream | Adventure 2, Siegfried As we meet Kriemhild and Siegfried, the plot is being laid out, even in the descriptions of the main characters. This lesson discusses characterization and foreshadowing.

1. Writing assignment. Ask students to make a list of the characteristics of each of the characters presented, particularly Kriemhild and Siegfried. What distinguishes them? How does the poet describe them? Describe the poet's style and the characters' styles.

2. Small group discussion. Ask students to work together in small groups to describe the setting and the culture within which this drama is being prepared. What is important? How is status achieved? Is it inherited or won? How is it won?

3. Class discussion. What clues are you given as to what will happen in this story? How do the characters' traits already predict the action of the story? What does the poet foreshadow? What is left uncertain...

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