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Dream Birds

Look up the meaning of falcons and eagles in a dream. Compare it to the dream explanation given by Kriemhild's mother and write a paragraph explaining what you learned.

Retelling the Nibelungenlied

How could the Nibelungenlied be told from Hagen's perspective? How could it be told from Gunther's?

Diary Entry

Write a diary entry like the one that Kriemhild would write during the year that Siegfried lives at her fortress, but before they meet.

Casting the Nibelungenlied

Who would you cast in the leading roles for the Nibelungenlied? Choose famous actors or people from the class or school. Who would you want to direct the Nibelungenlied? How would different directors direct it differently?

Ode to Magnificent Garments

Write a poetic ode to the concept of wearing magnificent clothing all the time and especially to a tournament.

Modern Customs

How do we joust nowadays? Describe any modern...

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