Nibelungenlied Character Descriptions

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Alberich - This character is the dwarf who is the Lord Treasurer of the Nibelung dynasty.

Aldrian - This character is the father of one of the Burgundian warriors.

Amelung - This character bears the name of one of the Hun warriors' dynasty. It applies to his vassals as well.

Astolt - This character is one of the lords of Melk.

Attila the Hun - This character also goes by the name Etzel.

Balmung - This is the name of a Netherlands warrior's sword.

Bloedelin - The brother of the Hungarian king, this character is killed in battle.

Brunhild - This character is the Queen of Iceland, a beautiful maiden of almost superhuman strength.

Dancrat - This character is the deceased father of three Burgundian lords.

Dankwart - This character is the younger brother of one of the Burgundian warriors; he is also a vassal of...

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