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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 90-95.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Frank's last name?
(a) Bartlett.
(b) Barry.
(c) Burnet.
(d) Benton.

2. Josh's mother need not worry about the cousins, since the canister that Josh sent them only contained what?
(a) Water.
(b) Tomato juice.
(c) Saline.
(d) Sugar water.

3. Mr. Bond is meeting with a client and is told that the client is looking for a unique gift for whom?
(a) The client's mother.
(b) The client's daughter.
(c) The client's son.
(d) The client's wife.

4. Vasco decides to head directly where to wait for Alex?
(a) The Kendall house.
(b) The Kilcoyne House.
(c) The Kilgore house.
(d) The Kenneth house.

5. Gerard is surprised to be able to do what when the dogs approach?
(a) Meow.
(b) Fly away.
(c) Yell.
(d) Bark.

Short Answer Questions

1. Among the possessions Brad packs is a what?

2. The lawyer advises Rick to hire a bounty hunter to have the cells forcibly taken from either Alex Burnet or whom?

3. Roberts confronts who about the situation at the cemetery?

4. Who now has physical custody of Rick's children?

5. The orangutan begins to do what unusual thing for the tourists?

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