Next Year in Havana Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Chanel Cleeton
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Part I (Chapters 1 - 6)

• The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Cleeton, Chanel. Next Year In Havana. Penguin, New York, 2018.

• This book is written from multiple first-person perspectives and primarily in the present tense.

• In Chapter 1, it is 1959 and Elisa Perez is fleeing Cuba with her parents and three sisters after the fall of the Batista regime.

• Elisa and her family are dressed in their finest clothes and are pretending to be taking a brief vacation to the United States.

• In truth, they have buried their most valuable possessions in their backyard and are fleeing to Miami.

• As their plane lifts off, Elisa vomits into the bag from the seat pocket in front of her.

• Elisa does not know how long her family will be gone or even if they will ever return as her sister Beatriz comforts her.

• At this point...

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