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Brian Yorkey
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Part 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What object appears along with Gabe in the ending of Act 2, Scene 4?
(a) A watch.
(b) The music box.
(c) The toaster.
(d) A photo album.

2. What is Gabe wearing when he appears in Act 1, Scene 10?
(a) A green robe.
(b) A tuxedo.
(c) A dress.
(d) Swim trunks.

3. Dan reassures both Natalie and Diana in Act 2, Scene 2 that memories don't what?
(a) Matter.
(b) Influence.
(c) Die.
(d) Harm.

4. What emotional ballad does Dan sing to Diana in Act 1, Scene 11?
(a) "Hey #2".
(b) "A Light in the Dark".
(c) "I'm Alive".
(d) "It's Gonna Be Good".

5. What refers to a ballroom dance in triple time in which couples spin around as they progress around the room?
(a) Macarena.
(b) Moonwalk.
(c) Waltz.
(d) Jitterbug.

Short Answer Questions

1. Dan reminds Diana that Gabe has been dead for how long in Act 1, Scene 5?

2. Who does Diana comment was as "high-spirited" as she is when speaking with her new doctor in Act 1, Scene 8?

3. How long is Diana's treatment set to last in the beginning of Act 2, Scene 1?

4. What reprise is sung by Natalie and Henry in Act 2, Scene 12?

5. Who does Diana say she couldn't hold when she was born in Act 1, Scene 9?

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