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Brian Yorkey
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Act One, Part 1

• In Scene 1, Diana, awakens very early in the morning and speaks with the late-returning Gabe, confessing that once again she's been imagining how he might die.

• Music starts, uptempo with a rock feel ("Just Another Day") and dialogue and singing intercut the next morning, as the members of the family prepare for their day.

• Diana sings of how much she dislikes her family, Gabe sings about feeling fully alive, Natalie sings of how difficult it is to hang on, and Dan sings about how difficult it is to understand Diana.

• Diana makes a huge pile of sandwiches, and then collapses on the floor; Dan helps her up, making plans to take her to Doctor Fine.
• In Scene 2, Natalie, practicing the piano, sings of how, when she plays, the rest of the world goes away and she can believe in a future away from her "paranoid...

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