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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the kidnappers get Maruja and Beatriz?
(a) The kidnappers grab the women when they exit the car to enter Maruja's home.
(b) The kidnappers crash into Maruja's car and quickly grab the women.
(c) The kidnappers grab the women as they walk to their car after work.
(d) The kidnappers wait for a red light to whisk the women into another vehicle.

2. What are the hostages given to wear while in hiding?
(a) One long sleeve shirt and long pants.
(b) Prisoner's overalls.
(c) A thin T-shirt and long pants.
(d) Sweat suits.

3. What concerns Escobar when watching "God's Minute"?
(a) Father Herreros announces his retirement from the show.
(b) Father Herreros apparently calls Escobar an unrepentant pornographer.
(c) Father Herreros condemns the Medellín boys for killing police officers.
(d) Father Herreros condemns Escobar's followers for not being able to think for themselves.

4. Who is the first family member to arrive at the scene of Maruja's and Beatriz's abduction?
(a) Alexandra, Maruja's daughter.
(b) Dr. Pedro Guerrero, Beatriz's husband.
(c) Alberto Villamizar, Maruja's husband.
(d) Germán Montoya, Marina's brother.

5. From what illness does Maruja suffer a month after her abduction?
(a) Diarrhea.
(b) Heart ailments.
(c) Phlebitis.
(d) Migraines.

Short Answer Questions

1. The guards watching Diana and her crew can be described as _____________.

2. What television program is the first to announce the release?

3. What last favor does Escobar ask of Alberto when they depart?

4. Who does Villamizar call for help?

5. The Santos family learns Pacho is in the northern part of Bogota. How do they know this?

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