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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Epilogue.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What advice does the German journalist give Nydia?
(a) To put greater pressure on the president.
(b) To use the media to get the public on her side.
(c) To continue her prayers to the Holy Infant.
(d) To prevent an armed rescue at all costs.

2. Where is Beatriz when Maruja sees her on television?
(a) In Beatriz's home.
(b) On Alexandra's program.
(c) In a public speech with Hernando Santos.
(d) In Maruja's home.

3. What negotiation does Escobar initiate on his own?
(a) He requests that Hernando publish two texts in exchange for Pacho.
(b) He asks don Fabio to speak on his behalf in exchange for money to care for the Ochoa women.
(c) He wants Villamizar to represent him as his negotiator with the government in exchange for Maruja's release.
(d) He asks President Gaviria for amnesty for Maruja's and Pacho's release.

4. What rumor begins to spread near the end of January?
(a) Two hostages will be killed.
(b) One hostage will be released in exchange for their spouse.
(c) Two hostages will be released.
(d) Escobar is done with negotiations.

5. Who goes through a social change from a fearful victim to public star?
(a) Martha Nieves.
(b) Pacho's wife.
(c) Andrés.
(d) Dr. Guerrero.

Short Answer Questions

1. What finally gets Escobar to surrender?

2. What causes Damaris to leave the house?

3. What do the guards use to hide Pacho's face as they drive to his release point?

4. Where does Alberto go to visit the Ochoa brothers?

5. How is Diana distracted after her separation from Azucena?

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