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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Gaviria decide to do after the first hostage deaths?
(a) Investigate possibilities of assassinating Escobar.
(b) Change the capitulation policy date in the decree.
(c) Offer non-extradition to all who come forth at any time.
(d) Send a message to Escobar that he will not yield.

2. What makes Marina think she will not leave alive?
(a) The guards did not hide their faces before Maruja and Beatriz arrived.
(b) Marina frustrates the women as well as the guards.
(c) The guards treat her the worst.
(d) The boss seems to detest her whenever he visits.

3. How does Nydia achieve contact with Escobar?
(a) Through his sister-in-law.
(b) Through the Ochoa brothers.
(c) Through the Ochoa sisters.
(d) Through Guido Parra.

4. What problem does the law face if they capture a drug trafficking terrorist?
(a) Lack of evidence to convict.
(b) Public safety during the attempts to physically capture any of the terrorists.
(c) Retaliation from the cartel.
(d) Inability to extradite the suspect.

5. What does "Doctor" suggest Maruja do when they talk?
(a) Write Alberto Villamizar a letter.
(b) Take walks to clear her mind.
(c) Ask the majordomo nicely for better treatment.
(d) Write Escobar a letter.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is one thing that confirms Maruja's thoughts about Marina's ending?

2. Who is the first family member to arrive at the scene of Maruja's and Beatriz's abduction?

3. What rumor begins to spread near the end of January?

4. What stops Maruja's thoughts of an escape through the courtyard?

5. Who is the first to be kidnapped in the string of related abductions?

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