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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 8.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who handles the negotiations for Escobar?
(a) Manuel Perez.
(b) Don Pacho.
(c) Juan Gomez.
(d) Guido Parra Montoya.

2. After Gaviria's response to the deaths, how do the Extraditables answer?
(a) They will release one hostage.
(b) They request another negotiation.
(c) They will continue with the executions.
(d) They will release all remaining hostages.

3. What shocks Beatriz and Maruja the night Beatriz leaves?
(a) Beatriz' clothes are tight-fitting.
(b) One of the guards cries when Beatriz hugs him goodbye.
(c) Their reflections in the mirror.
(d) Damaris is angry Beatriz has to go.

4. What does Jonás tell Maruja and Beatriz before he leaves duty?
(a) He believes they will survive the situation.
(b) Diana Turbay is dead.
(c) Marina is dead.
(d) A rescue mission saved Richard.

5. What is the major underlying problem that disturbs the government's ability to control drug trafficking and guerrilla warfare?
(a) Economic turmoil that makes drug trafficking tempting.
(b) Politicians fear of assassination, so they never strengthen laws.
(c) Lack of an effective judicial system.
(d) Corruption within the government.

Short Answer Questions

1. What reply is given when Maruja asks who the kidnappers are?

2. What is one thing that confirms Maruja's thoughts about Marina's ending?

3. What does Diana begin to do when she learns her kidnapping is not an isolated event?

4. Who exposes Escobar when he attempts to infiltrate the New Liberalism Party?

5. What does Escobar propose in one of his letters to his lawyer when in negotiations with the Notables?

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