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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How do the kidnappers abduct the first set of people?
(a) The abductors hijack their news van.
(b) The abductors break into each person's individual home in the middle of night.
(c) The abductors promise them an interview.
(d) Manuel Perez captures them during an interview and hands them over.

2. What does Maruja use to help ease her anxiety during the car ride to the hiding place?
(a) Sunflower seeds.
(b) Benadryl.
(c) Cardamom seeds.
(d) Marjoram.

3. According to the head of the National Police, why is there an armed raid that rescues Diana and Richard?
(a) Gaviria orders the operation because of information from anonymous phone calls.
(b) The raid is meant to seize Escobar.
(c) It is by the orders of Maza Márquez.
(d) It is by the orders of Rafael Pardo.

4. How does Diana die?
(a) An Elite Corps member shoots her after mistaking her as one of Escobar's men.
(b) The kidnappers kill her before they flee during the raid.
(c) She is shot and left behind.
(d) From a random gunshot wound to her waist.

5. What becomes of the negotiations between the Notables and Escobar's negotiator for Santos and Turbay?
(a) A counter-offer that leaves families fearing for the hostages' lives.
(b) They never occur because Escobar calls them off.
(c) A series of offers that gives indications of possible release.
(d) A series of offers and counteroffers that arrives at nothing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Marina's condition when she is called by the guards to get ready to leave?

2. Who is the only one to not hide the pessimism of the kidnappings of Maruja and Beatriz?

3. What does the guard refer to Diana as being?

4. When are Maruja and Beatriz kidnapped?

5. What does Maruja, Marina and Beatriz do to keep hope alive?

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