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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does Villamizar call for help?
(a) Manuel Perez, a friend of Alberto's.
(b) Alexandra, Maruja's daughter.
(c) Julio César, another hostage's family member.
(d) César Gaviria, the President.

2. What makes Marina think she will not leave alive?
(a) The guards treat her the worst.
(b) Marina frustrates the women as well as the guards.
(c) The guards did not hide their faces before Maruja and Beatriz arrived.
(d) The boss seems to detest her whenever he visits.

3. From what does Marina suffer by the time Maruja and Beatriz meet her?
(a) Anorexia.
(b) Hallucinations.
(c) Hearing voices.
(d) Amnesia.

4. What does Diana begin to do when she learns her kidnapping is not an isolated event?
(a) She tries to get more personal with the head of the household.
(b) She gives secret messages to the random women that visit the house.
(c) She starts a diary.
(d) She gives up hope.

5. What forms of communication do Maruja and Beatriz have from the outside world?
(a) Radio and television.
(b) Radio and newspapers.
(c) Magazines and television.
(d) Newspapers and magazines.

Short Answer Questions

1. For whom does Maruja work?

2. The kidnappings are bargains to negotiate what?

3. Why is Germán Montoya an important man?

4. How do the kidnappers abduct the first set of people?

5. When Diana's crew learns of Maruja's abduction, how do they feel?

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