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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which hostage is no longer worth a bargain?
(a) Francisco Santos.
(b) Beatriz.
(c) Diana Turbay.
(d) Marina Montoya.

2. Who handles the negotiations for Escobar?
(a) Don Pacho.
(b) Manuel Perez.
(c) Guido Parra Montoya.
(d) Juan Gomez.

3. How do the police know how to reach Beatriz's husband?
(a) A note in her bag says to call him in case of an emergency.
(b) Alberto Villamizar informs them.
(c) Beatriz and her husband are well-known politicians.
(d) Beatriz's husband reaches them first when he hears the news report.

4. From what does Marina suffer by the time Maruja and Beatriz meet her?
(a) Anorexia.
(b) Hearing voices.
(c) Amnesia.
(d) Hallucinations.

5. When Azucena is released, what does she give Nydia Quintero?
(a) A gold chain and cross from Diana.
(b) A minicasette from Diana.
(c) A letter from Don Pacho.
(d) A letter from Diana.

Short Answer Questions

1. What forms of communication do Maruja and Beatriz have from the outside world?

2. Why does Escobar reject the law that gives him immunity from his most feared punishment?

3. After the Notables negotiation failure, what news does Pardo give Villamizar to have something to look forward to?

4. What does Maruja give herself to keep her sanity?

5. The feelings of the kidnappers during the abduction can be described as __________.

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