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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is most surprising about Santos' kidnapping?
(a) It is done in the middle of a busy street.
(b) It is done in the middle of his workplace.
(c) It succeeds despite the number of cops at the scene.
(d) Everyone sees, but no one says a word due to fear.

2. What does everyone call the man who seems to lead the kidnapping?
(a) "Sir."
(b) "Master."
(c) "Doc."
(d) "Doctor."

3. Who is the first president to allow extradition of Colombian nationals?
(a) Virgilio Barco.
(b) César Gaviria.
(c) Belisario Betancur.
(d) Julio César Turbay.

4. What reality hits Luis Guillermo of Pablo Escobar's power?
(a) The size of Escobar's entourage when Luis meets him.
(b) The random taxi driver in Medellín works for Escobar.
(c) Escobar's message to Luis via Rosalía.
(d) A dead girl lying on the side of the road in Medellín.

5. What does Maruja use to help ease her anxiety during the car ride to the hiding place?
(a) Sunflower seeds.
(b) Cardamom seeds.
(c) Marjoram.
(d) Benadryl.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the kidnappers get Maruja and Beatriz?

2. Why is Beatriz a target?

3. Which hostage is no longer worth a bargain?

4. The kidnappings are bargains to negotiate what?

5. Who founded the New Liberalism Party?

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