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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In front of whom does Villamizar feel safe enough to drink?
(a) Rafael Pardo.
(b) No one.
(c) Dr. Guerrero.
(d) Andrés.

2. The feelings of the kidnappers during the abduction can be described as __________.
(a) Rigid.
(b) Confident.
(c) Calm.
(d) Nervy.

3. For whom does Maruja work?
(a) National Radio Network.
(c) She is an actress.
(d) Parque Nacional.

4. In Dr. Guerrero's state with his wife kidnapped, what does he decide to do?
(a) Close his practice for the time being.
(b) Concentrate on his work even more.
(c) See a psychotherapist.
(d) Move in with his family for support.

5. Why is Beatriz a target?
(a) Beatriz is the wife of a well-known politician.
(b) Beatriz's kidnapping is not intentional.
(c) Beatriz is the mistress of Albert Villamizar, a famous politician.
(d) Beatriz is the aunt of the Secretary General.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who founded the New Liberalism Party?

2. Who is the only one to not hide the pessimism of the kidnappings of Maruja and Beatriz?

3. In what state does Villamizar find Hernando Santos and former president Turbay when he visits them for the first time after Maruja's kidnapping?

4. What is Beatriz's initial response to the attack?

5. What reply is given when Maruja asks who the kidnappers are?

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