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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Marina spend her New Year's Eve?
(a) Laughing and joking with the guards.
(b) Quietly in the corner.
(c) She drinks and tries drugs with the guards.
(d) She dances all night without music.

2. What do Gloria Pachon and Villamizar ask of the police?
(a) For protection when they go see Escobar.
(b) A month's truce to allow contact with Escobar.
(c) To press on the Medellín slums even harder to send a message to Escobar.
(d) An internal investigation to satisfy Escobar.

3. Who begins a personal campaign to contact Escobar?
(a) Nydia Quintero.
(b) Angelina Ochoa.
(c) Alexandra.
(d) Martha Nieves.

4. What does Escobar propose in one of his letters to his lawyer when in negotiations with the Notables?
(a) Escobar gets to have a personal prison camp in Envigado.
(b) Escobar will surrender 100+ of his men if he is offered amnesty from extradition.
(c) Escobar is willing to give all goods and money with proof that no one is extradited.
(d) Escobar's family is free of any indictments and offered security from enemies.

5. What does Jonás tell Maruja and Beatriz before he leaves duty?
(a) Marina is dead.
(b) A rescue mission saved Richard.
(c) He believes they will survive the situation.
(d) Diana Turbay is dead.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is one thing that can break Maruja's bond with the nicer set of guards?

2. What does Diana begin to do when she learns her kidnapping is not an isolated event?

3. What complaints do the women in the drug traffickers' family have?

4. How do the kidnappers abduct the first set of people?

5. Who cries for Marina's absence the first night she is gone?

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