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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who begins a personal campaign to contact Escobar?
(a) Martha Nieves.
(b) Nydia Quintero.
(c) Alexandra.
(d) Angelina Ochoa.

2. What problem does the law face if they capture a drug trafficking terrorist?
(a) Retaliation from the cartel.
(b) Public safety during the attempts to physically capture any of the terrorists.
(c) Inability to extradite the suspect.
(d) Lack of evidence to convict.

3. What complaints do the women in the drug traffickers' family have?
(a) Unpredictable behavior seen in Escobar.
(b) Police brutality.
(c) Unfair punishments for the men in their lives.
(d) Fear for their lives if they talk with Nydia.

4. What becomes of the negotiations between the Notables and Escobar's negotiator for Santos and Turbay?
(a) A series of offers and counteroffers that arrives at nothing.
(b) They never occur because Escobar calls them off.
(c) A series of offers that gives indications of possible release.
(d) A counter-offer that leaves families fearing for the hostages' lives.

5. What are the hostages given to wear while in hiding?
(a) One long sleeve shirt and long pants.
(b) Sweat suits.
(c) Prisoner's overalls.
(d) A thin T-shirt and long pants.

Short Answer Questions

1. How do the kidnappers learn Beatriz's identity?

2. What does Maruja give herself to keep her sanity?

3. What does Escobar propose in one of his letters to his lawyer when in negotiations with the Notables?

4. Maruja and Beatriz are soon joined by another hostage. When was this person kidnapped?

5. What does the Extraditables' lawyer want for his clients in terms of treatment?

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