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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is one thing that confirms Maruja's thoughts about Marina's ending?
(a) The guards are not sullen when Beatriz leaves like the day Marina left.
(b) They put Beatriz' hood on with the eyeholes forward instead of backwards.
(c) Majordomo offers to return the television when Beatriz leaves.
(d) When Beatriz leaves, the boss is more light-hearted in demeanor.

2. What finally gets Escobar to surrender?
(a) Escobar's daughter is taken hostage by the law.
(b) Nieves and Quintero are able to convince him.
(c) Decree 303.
(d) The Ochoa brothers threaten him.

3. What forms of communication do Maruja and Beatriz have from the outside world?
(a) Radio and newspapers.
(b) Radio and television.
(c) Magazines and television.
(d) Newspapers and magazines.

4. According to the head of the National Police, why is there an armed raid that rescues Diana and Richard?
(a) It is by the orders of Rafael Pardo.
(b) The raid is meant to seize Escobar.
(c) It is by the orders of Maza Márquez.
(d) Gaviria orders the operation because of information from anonymous phone calls.

5. How do Escobar's men treat Maruja's and Beatriz's guards?
(a) The guards are pretty autonomous.
(b) As if they are high in rank.
(c) As if they are prisoners too.
(d) They guards are given nice suits and fancy watches.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who becomes a strong supporter for Hernando Santos when his son, Francisco Santos, is abducted?

2. What do the guards mistake Beatriz's profession to be?

3. In front of whom does Villamizar feel safe enough to drink?

4. Who is the first to know that Diana and Santos' kidnappings are the works of Escobar?

5. Which hostage is no longer worth a bargain?

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