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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 7.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How are Pacho's guards compared to Maruja and Beatriz's guards?
(a) Pacho's guards are just as harsh.
(b) Pacho's guards are worse than the women's guards.
(c) Pacho's guards are much more informal.
(d) Pacho's guards are hardly present.

2. In what state does Villamizar find Hernando Santos and former president Turbay when he visits them for the first time after Maruja's kidnapping?
(a) Santos and Turbay turn to prayer as their only hope.
(b) Santos and Turbay are discouraged.
(c) Santos and Turbay believe their children are already dead.
(d) Santos and Turbay are still in a fervor to find their children.

3. What rumor begins to spread near the end of January?
(a) One hostage will be released in exchange for their spouse.
(b) Escobar is done with negotiations.
(c) Two hostages will be released.
(d) Two hostages will be killed.

4. Which hostage is no longer worth a bargain?
(a) Marina Montoya.
(b) Beatriz.
(c) Francisco Santos.
(d) Diana Turbay.

5. How do Escobar's men treat Maruja's and Beatriz's guards?
(a) The guards are pretty autonomous.
(b) They guards are given nice suits and fancy watches.
(c) As if they are high in rank.
(d) As if they are prisoners too.

Short Answer Questions

1. What major term is Decree 3030 missing that angers Escobar?

2. What does Maruja give herself to keep her sanity?

3. In preparation for Beatriz's release, what does Maruja do?

4. Who is the first family member to arrive at the scene of Maruja's and Beatriz's abduction?

5. What is one thing that confirms Maruja's thoughts about Marina's ending?

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