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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 9.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What finally gets Escobar to surrender?
(a) The Ochoa brothers threaten him.
(b) Decree 303.
(c) Nieves and Quintero are able to convince him.
(d) Escobar's daughter is taken hostage by the law.

2. When Diana's crew learns of Maruja's abduction, how do they feel?
(a) Disposable.
(b) Worried for her life.
(c) They will be saved since more people will work to save them.
(d) They will be let go soon since she is more important.

3. What does Gaviria decide to do after the first hostage deaths?
(a) Send a message to Escobar that he will not yield.
(b) Change the capitulation policy date in the decree.
(c) Offer non-extradition to all who come forth at any time.
(d) Investigate possibilities of assassinating Escobar.

4. How does Diana die?
(a) The kidnappers kill her before they flee during the raid.
(b) From a random gunshot wound to her waist.
(c) An Elite Corps member shoots her after mistaking her as one of Escobar's men.
(d) She is shot and left behind.

5. How are Pacho's guards compared to Maruja and Beatriz's guards?
(a) Pacho's guards are just as harsh.
(b) Pacho's guards are worse than the women's guards.
(c) Pacho's guards are much more informal.
(d) Pacho's guards are hardly present.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Luis Guillermo Pérez, Marina's son, confirm her identity?

2. What does Maruja threaten to do if she does not receive a radio and television?

3. What happens that gives Pacho an opportunity to escape?

4. What does the majordomo tell Maruja when he hands her a radio?

5. What major term is Decree 3030 missing that angers Escobar?

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