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Chapter 1

• In early November, Maruja Pachón de Villamizar and her sister-in-law, Beatriz Villamizar de Guerrero, leave FOCINE.

• On the way home, the car is surrounded and hit during traffic.

• The men from the other cars kill the driver and kidnap Maruja and Beatriz.

• The men run intro traffic trouble, and one of them hits a taxi.

• The abductors bring the women to a hideout.

• The police are tracking the men due to witnesses and the taxi driver who is hit by one of the kidnapper's cars.

• The abductors take the women to a different location where they meet Marina Montoya, a woman kidnapped months earlier.

Chapter 2

• The police find the injured driver and Beatriz's purse.

• The police calls Dr. Guerrero, Beatriz's husband to the scene.

• Alberto Villamizar finds out about the accident and that it is just 200 yards from his home and runs to the scene.

• Alberto...

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