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Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd

This person is a veteran of the War of 1812, the Spanish-American War, and the Civil War. This person once ran a printing press, but now travels through the frontier reading the news from afar.

Johanna Leonberger, or Ay-Ti-Podle, or the Cicada

This person is a ten-year-old who has been living among the Kiowa tribe since her parents were killed in a raid four years ago.

Britt Johnson

This person is an African-American teamster who engages a person to deliver a rescued captive to their family.


This person runs a child-prostitution ring, and pursues the main characters for some way until being killed in a shoot-out.

Returned Captives

This class of people have lived as Native Americans for long enough to seem strange and otherworldly and poorly-adapted to the so-called civilized life people live in Texas.

Kiowa Indians

These people live on the frontier where...

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