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Chapters 1-2

The following version of this book was used to create this Lesson Plan: Jiles, Paulette. News of the World. Graywolf Press, 2017. Hardcover version.

Chapters 1:

• News of the World begins in Wichita Falls, TX, in February of 1870, where Captain Kidd, who was born in 1798 and is now 71, reads from the Boston Morning Journal to an audience who have paid ten cents each to hear him.

• He has been making the rounds from town to town on his good horse ever since he lost his printing press when the economy of Texas collapsed after the Civil War.

• Captain Kidd reads the news that the 15th Amendment has just been passed, allowing all men to vote, regardless of race, and he also reads about the sinking of the ship Hansa, which was exploring the North Pole.

• After the audience is excited, he reads about discoveries in electromagnetism, in order...

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