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Stuart Woods
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happens when the cops search Sasha's place?
(a) Someone else has moved in.
(b) Doorman won't let them go inside.
(c) It's empty.
(d) Locks have been changed.

2. Stone finds a ______ in Sasha's financial records.
(a) Hole.
(b) Blackmail scheme.
(c) Missing checking account.
(d) Discrepancy.

3. What is Hank's profession?
(a) Director.
(b) Set designer.
(c) Photographer.
(d) Make-up artist.

4. What upcoming event may help or hinder the character's career?
(a) Physical.
(b) Financial report.
(c) Driving test.
(d) Licensing board.

5. How old is Hank?
(a) 37.
(b) 41.
(c) 28.
(d) 32.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where was the neighbor during the time of Sasha's death?

2. How long has Hank lived at her new address?

3. What did Stone's mother do for a living?

4. What is the surname of Sasha's next door neighbor?

5. What person interferes with a potential crime scene?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is Hank Morgan? What is her role in the story at this point?

2. Where does Stone begin to interview people regarding Sasha's alleged death?

3. Describe the meeting held in Leary's office. Who is in attendance?

4. What large mistake does Stone make while spending the day with Cary?

5. What is Cary's recommendation to Stone regarding his job?

6. What makes Stone think that there is a leak in the department?

7. What does Stone learn when he goes to Sasha's apartment? Whose permission must be obtained to get inside? Why?

8. Where does Stone go while waiting to visit the television studio? What are Stone's thoughts?

9. Who is Hi Barker? What does he know about Sasha Nijinsky? What deal is struck between Stone and Barker?

10. What is the result of the search conducted by Stone and Dino?

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