New York Dead Short Essay - Answer Key

Stuart Woods
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1. What is the conversation held between Stone and Elaine?

Stone and Elaine sat at a table in Elaine's restaurant discussing Stone's upcoming physical for the police department. Stone had been shot in the knee during a recent case and had been incapacitated while he healed from the wound. Elaine also tells Stone about a man named Doc who often pretends to be a doctor and uses the status to try and pick up women. Doc is almost always unsuccessful.

2. What happens Stone is walking home from Elaine's?

Stone is walking down the street toward his home in Turtle Bay when he sees a woman fall from a terrace. The woman is Sasha Nijinsky, an up-and-coming news reporter. Stone sees a suspect and gives chase. Stone's knee gives out and the suspect gets away. An ambulance is called and arrives on the scene. Scoop Berman's company Scoop Video also arrives on the scene.

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