Objects & Places from New York Dead

Stuart Woods
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The restaurant in New York where Stone is a frequent visitor.

Scoop Video

The video company owned by Scoop Berman.

The United Nations Plaza

The apartment building where Hi Barker lives.

Vanity Fair

The magazine that publishes articles that Hi Barker writes about Sasha Najinsky.

Physician's and Surgeon's Hospital

The hospital where Marvin Herbert Van Fleet was thrown out of the intern program.

Continental Network

The television network that employs Barron Harkness, Cary Hilliard and Sasha Nijinsky.

The Tribeca Grill

A restaurant in New York where Stone and Cary have dinner.

Weinstein's Fine Gloves

The glove factory where Van Fleet lives.

The Four Seasons

The restaurant where Stone meets Bill Eggers for dinner.

Woodman and Weld

The law firm where Bill Eggers is a partner.

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