New York Dead Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Stuart Woods
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Chapters 1-5

• The story opens at Elaine's in New York.

• Elaine's is a famous restaurant.

• Reader is introduced to Stone Barrington.

• Reader is introduced to Elaine Kaufman, owner of Elaine's.

• Stone and Elaine are chatting in the restaurant.

• Stone talks about his upcoming physical for the police department.

• Stone is recovering from a gunshot wound to the knee.

• Stone and Elaine talk about a man at the bar known only as Doc.

• After leaving the restaurant, Stone sees a woman fall to the ground from a terrace.

• The injured woman is Sasha Nijinsky, a New York celebrity.

• Stone chases the suspects but loses him.

• Stone enters Sasha Nijinsky's apartment.

• Stone calls Dino Bacchetti, his partner on the NYPD.

• An ambulance arrives.

• Scoop Video is on the scene.

• Stone finds Sasha's diary.

• The ambulance is in a car accident.
• Sasha is missing.

• Stone and Dino meet with Lieutenant Leary...

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