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Stephenie Meyer
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Charlie react to seeing Alice in his house after Harry dies?
(a) He becomes infatuated with her all over again.
(b) He is pleased to see her.
(c) He becomes furious.
(d) He barely notices her.

2. Why does Jacob accuse Bella of being a hypocrite?
(a) Because she accuses everyone of being mean, but is mean, herself.
(b) Because she encourages Jacob to love her even though she doesn't love him back.
(c) Because she is not afraid of vampires, but is afraid of werewolves.
(d) Because she lies to many adults, but gets mad when they lie to her.

3. Why did Edward say he didn't want to be with her anymore?
(a) Because he fell out of love with her.
(b) Because it was true.
(c) Because he had a new girlfriend that he liked better.
(d) Because he knew she wouldn't let him go easily otherwise.

4. Why does Emily have scars on one side of her face?
(a) Because Sam attacked her once when he was a werewolf.
(b) Because she clawed at herself once while she was a werewolf.
(c) Because she was caught in a house fire.
(d) Because she was in a really bad car accident.

5. Where do the wolves want Bella and Charlie to be while they hunt Victoria?
(a) In Canada.
(b) Anywhere but Forks.
(c) In La Push.
(d) In their house only.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Edward respond when Bella confesses that she put herself in dangerous situations just to hear his voice?

2. Which colleges do Edward and Bella fill out applications for?

3. What does Alice initially think Edward's first plan is for when he arrives in Italy?

4. What does Bella overhear Charlie and Alice talking about?

5. Where does Edward confess that he had hidden all of Bella's stuff?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who does Bella decide to be with romantically -- Edward or Jacob -- after she jumps off the cliff?

2. What is the "fire" that Bella sees streak by the cliffs after she jumps off of them and is heading home?

3. Why is Edward going to Italy?

4. What character are the Volturi men completely submissive to when Bella and Edward meet them for the first time in the town square?

5. Why does Bella get into even more trouble when she tries to explain where she's been to Charlie?

6. What treaty do the vampires and the werewolves have with each other in Forks?

7. Why did Sam attack Emily and leave the scars on her face?

8. Why does Bella go cliff diving alone?

9. Why does Edward not mind filling out college applications with Bella?

10. Why does Alice return to Forks?

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