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Stephenie Meyer
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What name does Bella call her grandmother?
(a) Grandmother.
(b) Gran.
(c) Granny.
(d) Nana.

2. Who is the author of _New Moon_?
(a) T.S. Eliot.
(b) Stephanie Mayar.
(c) Stephenie Meyer.
(d) J.K. Rowling.

3. What injury does Bella get the first time she rides her motorcycle?
(a) A cut on her head/a concussion.
(b) A broken wrist.
(c) Scrapes all over her legs from falling over.
(d) A burn on her leg from the exhaust pipe.

4. Why had Jessica become a bit weary of Bella during the months after Edward broke up with her?
(a) Because she started moving in on Jessica's boyfriend.
(b) Because she was going crazy with new boyfriends.
(c) Because she was moping all the time.
(d) Because she refused to speak out loud until Edward returned.

5. What gift for her car does Bella receive for her birthday?
(a) A new set of snow tires.
(b) A new car stereo.
(c) A set of chains for the winter.
(d) A car wash.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Cullen family do when they see Bella's cut up arm?

2. What kind of music does Bella put on in Jessica's car as they are driving to the zombie movie?

3. In the Preface, how does time pass for Bella?

4. What does Jacob give Bella for Valentine's Day?

5. What does Jacob tell Bella the clutch of a motorcycle is like when he is teaching her how to ride?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Chapter 9 called "Third Wheel"?

2. What time period (past, present, or future) does the Preface take place in?

3. What sensation does Bella get when she is back in her room after Edward calls of their relationship?

4. How does Bella feel when she reaches the clearing during her hike alone?

5. Why does Bella decide to head out on her own and hike to the clearing?

6. What reason does Jacob give Bella about why they cannot be friends anymore?

7. Why does Bella not look inside the abandoned Cullen house when she goes to see it?

8. What kind of feeling is overwhelming Bella in the Preface to _New Moon_?

9. Why does Edward NOT let Bella say goodbye to Alice?

10. After her birthday, why does Bella promise herself to stay away from the Cullen family?

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