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Stephenie Meyer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whose car is outside of Bella's house when she returns home after hearing of Harry's death?
(a) The Cullens'.
(b) Her father's.
(c) Sam's.
(d) Edward's.

2. What does Bella tell the wolves about Victoria?
(a) That she is trying to kill Bella.
(b) That she really is one of the good vampires.
(c) That she isn't a vampire at all.
(d) All of these answers are correct.

3. What does Bella see as she looks back at the cliff she jumped off of when she is heading home?
(a) Edward.
(b) A witch.
(c) A pack of werewolves.
(d) A flash of fire.

4. Why does Emily have scars on one side of her face?
(a) Because she was in a really bad car accident.
(b) Because she clawed at herself once while she was a werewolf.
(c) Because Sam attacked her once when he was a werewolf.
(d) Because she was caught in a house fire.

5. Why does Jacob accuse Bella of being a hypocrite?
(a) Because she is not afraid of vampires, but is afraid of werewolves.
(b) Because she lies to many adults, but gets mad when they lie to her.
(c) Because she accuses everyone of being mean, but is mean, herself.
(d) Because she encourages Jacob to love her even though she doesn't love him back.

6. Whose smart thinking allows Edward, Alice, and Bella to leave the Volturi alive?
(a) Alice's.
(b) Edward's.
(c) Bella's.
(d) Jacob's.

7. How do Alice and Bella get past the second guard in Volterra?
(a) They have a fake pass to get through.
(b) They bribe him.
(c) They drive through the blockade.
(d) They flirt with him.

8. How does Charlie react to seeing Alice in his house after Harry dies?
(a) He is pleased to see her.
(b) He becomes infatuated with her all over again.
(c) He barely notices her.
(d) He becomes furious.

9. What do Bella and Edward negotiate as he takes her back to her house after the vote?
(a) Who will turn her into a vampire.
(b) When she will become a vampire.
(c) If and when they will get married.
(d) All of these answers are correct.

10. What do Edward and Bella talk about during the flight back to Seattle from Italy?
(a) Werewolves.
(b) Not much, since they can't talk in private.
(c) Witches.
(d) His vampirism.

11. Why does Jacob refuse to go into Bella's house as he drops her off after they learn about Harry's death?
(a) Because he is too dirty for her spotless house.
(b) Because he can smell a vampire inside.
(c) Because he doesn't want to upset her father.
(d) Because he says he is afraid he will never leave if he goes inside.

12. Why is Bella not a vampire even though she has been bitten by one?
(a) Because not enough venom got into her blood.
(b) No one really knows why.
(c) Because Edward sucked the blood out of her.
(d) All of these answers are correct.

13. Who saves Bella from drowning during her first attempt at cliff diving?
(a) Sam.
(b) Jacob.
(c) Charlie.
(d) Edward.

14. Why is Alice tense when Bella sees her in her house after the cliff-diving incident?
(a) Because she hasn't fed yet.
(b) Because she secretly hates Bella.
(c) Because she is nervous.
(d) Because she is another vampire in disguise.

15. Who does Bella compare Edward and Jacob to?
(a) Paris and Romeo from _Romeo and Juliet_.
(b) Romeo and Juliet from _Romeo and Juliet_.
(c) Mike and Jessica.
(d) Charlie and her mom.

Short Answer Questions

1. What causes Bella to shake with horror after she, Edward, and Alice leave the underground chamber in Italy?

2. When Bella wakes up after returning from Italy, what emotion does she tell Edward he needs to let go of?

3. When Bella returns from Italy, who does she learn has cut off his friendship with her?

4. How does Edward respond when Bella confesses that she put herself in dangerous situations just to hear his voice?

5. What notable thing does Edward say to Bella on the flight back to Seattle from Italy?

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