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Stephenie Meyer
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Bella wander to after Edward dumps her?
(a) The highway.
(b) The woods.
(c) The next town over.
(d) All the way to Canada.

2. Why had Jessica become a bit weary of Bella during the months after Edward broke up with her?
(a) Because she started moving in on Jessica's boyfriend.
(b) Because she was moping all the time.
(c) Because she refused to speak out loud until Edward returned.
(d) Because she was going crazy with new boyfriends.

3. How did Bella get the scar Jacob sees at the movie theater?
(a) From being bitten by a vampire.
(b) From her motorcycle crash.
(c) From cutting herself.
(d) From tripping and falling down the stairs at school.

4. Who is the author of _New Moon_?
(a) Stephanie Mayar.
(b) T.S. Eliot.
(c) Stephenie Meyer.
(d) J.K. Rowling.

5. Why is Carlisle able to fix up Bella's injured arm?
(a) Because he is trying to seduce her.
(b) Because he wants to inflict more pain on her.
(c) Because he wants to keep an eye on her and Edward.
(d) Because he is a trained surgeon.

6. Who is Harry Clearwater?
(a) Bella's long-lost younger brother.
(b) A friend of Charlie.
(c) A friend of Billy and Charlie.
(d) A friend of Billy.

7. Why does Harry go to the hospital?
(a) He is getting his heart checked.
(b) He starts going insane.
(c) He broke his ankle.
(d) He is trying to find Dr. Cullen.

8. After Edward leaves town, what does Bella do with the birthday gift the Cullens gave her?
(a) Gives it to a friend.
(b) Throws it into a plastic bag.
(c) Sells it on eBay.
(d) Puts it in her special memento box.

9. Why is Bella happy to see Laurent in the clearing after she hikes there alone?
(a) Because he is a familiar face.
(b) Because she is hungry and he is eating a picnic lunch.
(c) Because she thinks Edward might be nearby.
(d) Because she always had a secret crush on him.

10. What makes Bella giggle for the first time in months (after Edward has broken up with her)?
(a) Being hooted at by boys.
(b) Having a good, long talk with her dad.
(c) Reading a comic book.
(d) Listening to how ridiculous Jessica's stories are.

11. After the incident in the clearing, who is Bella afraid of?
(a) Laurent and Victoria.
(b) Charlie and Billy.
(c) Edward.
(d) Jacob.

12. What does Edward's voice (in her head) tell Bella to do about Laurent in the meadow?
(a) Promise him whatever he asks for.
(b) Pretend to faint.
(c) Sing her secret melody to him.
(d) Lie to him.

13. What is Bella's full name?
(a) Bella Swan.
(b) Bella Gardener.
(c) Bella Apstein.
(d) Bella Cullen.

14. What does Edward's birthday kiss for Bella remind her of?
(a) Desperation from a year or so ago.
(b) How much she likes how he smells.
(c) The time they spent in the meadow.
(d) Death itself.

15. Who plays the background music on a CD that Edward gives Bella?
(a) Edward and Bella's favorite band.
(b) Bella.
(c) Edward himself.
(d) Edward's entire familiy.

Short Answer Questions

1. What treatment does Bella's injured arm need?

2. Why is one of the Cullens trying to convince another family member to go to Denali?

3. As Bella is coming to after being dumped by Edward, what complaint does Charlie get on the phone?

4. What kind of music does Bella put on in Jessica's car as they are driving to the zombie movie?

5. How does Bella get a paper cut on her birthday?

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