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Stephenie Meyer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 17, Visitor.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What makes Bella giggle for the first time in months (after Edward has broken up with her)?
(a) Listening to how ridiculous Jessica's stories are.
(b) Reading a comic book.
(c) Having a good, long talk with her dad.
(d) Being hooted at by boys.

2. Who does Jacob confess to Bella gives him the creeps?
(a) Sam Uley.
(b) Edward Cullen.
(c) Billy Grant.
(d) Jessica Roberts.

3. In the days after her birthday party, why does Bella decide she must run away with Edward?
(a) Because her dad would never let them get married.
(b) Because she is pregnant.
(c) To no longer have a bad effect on the Cullen family.
(d) Because she has secretly become a vampire, too.

4. Who is Harry Clearwater?
(a) Bella's long-lost younger brother.
(b) A friend of Billy and Charlie.
(c) A friend of Charlie.
(d) A friend of Billy.

5. What treatment does Bella's injured arm need?
(a) Possibly a skin graft.
(b) Stitches.
(c) Just a band-aid.
(d) A rinse.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who drives Bella home after her birthday party?

2. What does Edward make Bella promise him as he is breaking up with her?

3. How does Billy react to Jacob's concern about the La Push gang and his friend?

4. What does Bella agree about her choice to jump off the cliff?

5. Why does Emily have scars on one side of her face?

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