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Stephenie Meyer
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 21, Verdict.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who plays the background music on a CD that Edward gives Bella?
(a) Bella.
(b) Edward and Bella's favorite band.
(c) Edward's entire familiy.
(d) Edward himself.

2. What is the Palazzo dei Priori?
(a) The name of the hotel where Alice and Bella are staying.
(b) The clock tower where Edward wants to expose the existence of vampires.
(c) Bella's name in Italian.
(d) The name of the airline Bella and Alice took to Italy.

3. How do Sam and the rest of the La Push gang feel about Jacob hanging out with Bella?
(a) They do not like it.
(b) They are intimidated by her beauty.
(c) They want to attack her since she is also friends with the vampires.
(d) They all have secret crushes on her.

4. Whose voice does Bella hear when she visits the empty Cullen house?
(a) No one's.
(b) Edward's.
(c) Alice's.
(d) Dr. Cullen's.

5. What illness does Charlie tell Bella that Jacob might have?
(a) Mono.
(b) Cystic Fibrosis.
(c) Lupus.
(d) Cancer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Charlie tell Bella to be careful of when she and Jacob are hiking?

2. Who does Jacob confess to Bella gives him the creeps?

3. What restaurant do Bella and Jessica head to after seeing the zombie movie?

4. From whom does Bella buy the motorcycles?

5. In Chapter 7, which friend of Jacob's was recently recruited to the La Push gang?

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