Objects & Places from New Moon

Stephenie Meyer
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This item was a gift for Bella from Charlie for her eighteenth birthday so she could remember her senior year of high school.


Renee, Bella's mother, gave Bella this item to help her remember her last year in school.

Car stereo

Bella gets this item from two of the Cullen siblings to go in her beaten-up old truck.

La Push

This location is the reservation where the Quileute tribe live.


This is the location where the ruling family of vampires, the Volturi, live.


Bella purchases this item for the sheer thrill of danger. It is only one of the things she does to hear the hallucination of Edward inside her head.

The Meadow

This location is a clearing where Edward took Bella in the first book, Twilight, where he stepped into the sunlight to show her how vampires glitter. In New Moon, Bella tries...

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