New Moon Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Stephenie Meyer
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• The book opens with a very short (1 1/2 page) Preface, where Meyer introduces one of the tensest moments of the novel. Bella is rushing to get to a clock tower before high noon; the reader is unsure of who she is supposed to meet or why she is there.

• Bella is overwhelmed with despair and a feeling of dread if she does not reach her goal. It also becomes clear that at least one life, if not more, will be lost if she fails in her mission.

Chapter 1, Party

• Bella is dreaming that she is interacting with her grandmother, who mimics her every move. In the dream, Edward enters to meet her, and Bella soon realizes that she is not seeing her grandmother but her own reflection in a mirror.

• It is Bella's eighteenth birthday when she wakes up; her father gives her a camera and her mother...

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