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Short Answer Questions

1. What was the intended destination?

2. The Coya let the king of Bensalem, a wise man named ____.

3. How many days did it take from the time the sailors spotted land until they reached a port?

4. What was on top of the great pillar of light?

5. Which of the following was delivered to the ship by a small greeting party?

Short Essay Questions

1. Discuss the oath that was required for the sailors to go ashore.

2. What happened the next day when the governor visited again?

3. What speech was made to the men after they had retrieved all of their goods and sick counterparts from the ship?

4. What happened after the sailors made the request to go ashore? How long did it take for the sailors to get the response?

5. Who was King Solamona? Why was he important?

6. Describe the food brought to the sailors at the Stranger's House.

7. What did the governor say about the various cultures and their ships?

8. What did the sailors offer in return for lodgings, food, and medical care? What was the response received by the person in charge?

9. What two great expeditions were taken by the sailors of Coya and Tyrambel?

10. What did the governor have to say regarding navigation and its changes?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Bacon has a great deal to say about nature. Nature offers clues to man as to how things work in a logical sense. Should nature be trusted over ideas and/or reason? Explain. What types of clues can man receive from nature? Why does Bacon say that man is nature's servant? Do you believe that man is subject to nature's causes, actions and whims? Explain and give examples of each.

Essay Topic 2

Observation is the biggest key to developing logic, reason and results. What does Bacon say about observation? What is more important - observation or natural history? Can one work without the other in regards to forming a philosophy? Explain. Examine why Bacon takes issue with observation using the senses. Discuss how Bacon thought observation should be conducted and how the information should be used.

Essay Topic 3

Plato and Aristotle were the two main philosophers referred to by Bacon. All three men are highly revered as brilliant men and philosophers. Compare and contrast Bacon, Plato and Aristotle.

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