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Short Answer Questions

1. How many weeks were the sailors permitted to stay ashore?

2. What was the total number of sailors on the ship?

3. The sailors offered _____ to the governor; the governor refused.

4. What name is given to the person in this position?

5. It is written that the sailors were so grateful they felt as if they were among ____.

Short Essay Questions

1. What speech was made to the men after they had retrieved all of their goods and sick counterparts from the ship?

2. What was the governor's advice regarding the sailors' thoughts of America?

3. What did the governor say about the various cultures and their ships?

4. What was the first thing asked of the governor?

5. Discuss the oath that was required for the sailors to go ashore.

6. What did the sailors offer in return for lodgings, food, and medical care? What was the response received by the person in charge?

7. What happened the next day when the governor visited again?

8. What incident most likely caused Atlantic to be destroyed?

9. Describe the food brought to the sailors at the Stranger's House.

10. What was required of the sailors before they were permitted to go ashore?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Plato and Aristotle were the two main philosophers referred to by Bacon. All three men are highly revered as brilliant men and philosophers. Compare and contrast Bacon, Plato and Aristotle.

Essay Topic 2

Define in as much detail as possible the concepts of old logic and new logic. Compare and contrast them to support Bacon's thoughts on the stagnation of thought. Use outside sources to ensure objectivity.

Essay Topic 3

The governor told the sailors about the missions to collect information from other countries but remained secretive about certain aspects of the missions. Why? What do you think the governor wanted to keep secret? Do you think the people were doing anything unlawful? Why did they pose as people from other countries? Why was it important for Bensalem to remain under the radar to the majority of the known world? What are the pros and cons of being remote and unknown?

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