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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Bacon states that man can only obey _____ causes.
(a) God's.
(b) Philosophy's.
(c) Nature's.
(d) Man's.

2. Many things may be improved by using instruments of _____.
(a) Fellowship.
(b) Logic.
(c) Intuition.
(d) God.

3. Overall, philosophy was _____ but barren.
(a) Disdained.
(b) Abundant.
(c) Worshiped.
(d) Fruitful.

4. Which of the following promises to remedy the problem by offering repeatable testable methods of inquiry?
(a) Experiments.
(b) Logic.
(c) Observation.
(d) Investigation.

5. It is the ____ of power that caused angels to fall.
(a) Abuse.
(b) Attainment.
(c) Transfer.
(d) Lust.

6. Which of the following items is needed to find the systematic order a particular subject?
(a) Observation.
(b) Experiments.
(c) Models.
(d) Experience.

7. What term does Bacon use to describe syllogism?
(a) Garbage in, garbage out.
(b) In one ear and out the other.
(c) The pot calling the kettle black.
(d) Between a rock and a hard place.

8. We need methods that can discover causes and deliver philosophy's first:
(a) Food.
(b) Fruit.
(c) Breath.
(d) Ideas.

9. The _____ way starts out hard but ends in "open country."
(a) Instinctive.
(b) Scientific.
(c) Natural.
(d) Methodical.

10. Since the observer is ____, he must look to history for similar observations.
(a) Inexperienced.
(b) Confused.
(c) Easily influenced.
(d) Fallible.

11. Of the philosophers attempt to amend simple human observation with ridiculous _____.
(a) Subtlety.
(b) Conclusions.
(c) Theories.
(d) Determinations.

12. The fourth parts of the plan involves the application of _______.
(a) Motion.
(b) Hypotheses.
(c) Observation.
(d) Inquiry.

13. Which of the following often gives ideas that are false because of the lack of information?
(a) Divinity.
(b) Senses.
(c) Phenomena.
(d) Nature.

14. Which type of history is ideal to build a foundation for philosophy?
(a) Divine.
(b) Revised.
(c) Natural.
(d) Empirical.

15. The ancients looked only to the stars and as such became too focused on ____ and abstract meditation.
(a) Logic.
(b) Astrology.
(c) Prayer.
(d) Wit.

Short Answer Questions

1. The fifth part includes things Bacon had discovered through the ordinary use of ______.

2. It is from the _____ of our causes that are planned fail.

3. How many parts are there to the work?

4. Bacon asks the ____ God to grant him the power to help humanity.

5. It is better to try and fail rather than to make _____ on something that cannot work.

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