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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2c, New Atlantis, a Work Unfinished (The Father of Salomon's House).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The problem is that common logic also requires more ____.
(a) Trust.
(b) Investigation.
(c) Explanation.
(d) Truth.

2. What was studied in the "smell house?"
(a) Perfume.
(b) Cooking.
(c) Air freshener.
(d) Candles.

3. It is written that the sailors were so grateful they felt as if they were among ____.
(a) Soulmates.
(b) Angels.
(c) Divinity.
(d) Brothers.

4. What term does Bacon use to describe syllogism?
(a) Between a rock and a hard place.
(b) In one ear and out the other.
(c) Garbage in, garbage out.
(d) The pot calling the kettle black.

5. According to the text, the laws made the government seem ignorant and ____.
(a) Sad.
(b) Foolish.
(c) Unfriendly.
(d) Hostile.

Short Answer Questions

1. Bacon asks the ____ God to grant him the power to help humanity.

2. King Solamona believed that the land should be maintained for _____.

3. Which of the following are said to have had no role except for in mechanics?

4. Which of the following is not mentioned as being a group with large fleets?

5. We need methods that can discover causes and deliver philosophy's first:

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