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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2b, New Atlantis, a Work Unfinished (Conversation with Governor continued, Conversation with Joabim).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The governor told the sailors that the island had been saving money for _____ years.
(a) 41.
(b) 37.
(c) 25.
(d) 46.

2. It is the ____ of power that caused angels to fall.
(a) Transfer.
(b) Abuse.
(c) Lust.
(d) Attainment.

3. It is important that man be able to gather clues from _____.
(a) Each other.
(b) God.
(c) Science.
(d) Nature.

4. Who was responsible for arbitrating disputes?
(a) Governor.
(b) Priest.
(c) Father.
(d) Mother.

5. Francis Bacon believes that it is ____ for him to write the following work.
(a) Worthwhile.
(b) Frivolous.
(c) Crucial.
(d) Pointless.

Short Answer Questions

1. The crew had taken a long enough supplies to last for ___ months.

2. The philosopher had dedicated this particular work to which other famous philosopher?

3. Of the philosophers attempt to amend simple human observation with ridiculous _____.

4. It is better to try and fail rather than to make _____ on something that cannot work.

5. Instead, men placed too much focus on their ____.

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