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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, The Great Instauration)


Francis Bacon is the author of two famous works: New Atlantis and the Great Instauration. Bacon was thought to be ahead of his time regarding philosophy and science as well as reflections on nature. German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche might be compared favorably to Bacon due to his thoughts on nature and the intellect of man. Learn more about Francis Bacon and his philosophies and work.


1. Learn about Francis Bacon. Research and write a 1000 word report on Bacon from the time he entered the arena of philosophy. Examine Bacon's education, work, professional and personal relationships as well as his own religious and scientific ideals. Include photos at various stages in Bacon's life.

2. Like many famous thinkers, Bacon's career and life both ended when the man was in a state of disgrace. Discuss Bacon's downfall from his position as a beloved philosopher and scientific thinker. What happened...

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