New Atlantis ; and, the Great Instauration Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

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Chapter Abstracts

* Bacon states that writing this work is important.

* The human mind misuses its reason.

* True understanding is precious.

* Reason can construct science, art, and human knowledge.

* Reason is the proper foundation for philosophy.

* It is better to try and fail than to make professions that are untrue.

* Scientific thinking is difficult but valuable.

* Other forms of thinking are easier but dangerous.

* Bacon dedicates his work to King James I.

* Bacon asks King James I to become a supporter of scientific theory.

* Science descended from the Greeks.

* Dictators used arbitrary rules and did not investigate science.

* Those that liberated themselves were not radical enough.

* The only way out of stagnation is a plan of inquiry.

* Men must look to practice and argumentation.

* Bacon made his statements public so that they could be challenged and improved upon.

* Seeking truth for itself and the benefit of man...

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