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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Sections II through VII.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Oliver say there are miles of in May?
(a) Flowing.
(b) Leafing.
(c) Travels.
(d) Worlds.

2. What are we told to examine in Everything?
(a) Our desires.
(b) Our needs.
(c) Our emotions.
(d) Our motivations.

3. In The Measure, what does the author say we must do to fully experience life?
(a) Help one another.
(b) Think of new directions.
(c) Discard safety.
(d) Give it a trial.

4. How does the editor describe the thought put into these poems?
(a) Effervescent.
(b) Exuberant.
(c) Microscopic.
(d) Omniscient.

5. In While I Am Writing a Poem to Celebrate Summer, the Meadowlark Begins to Sing, what is the song of the bird compared to?
(a) A hymn of thanks.
(b) A conversation.
(c) A psalm of love.
(d) A trumpet of declaration.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Long Afternoon at the Edge of Little Sister Pond, what does Oliver say the tree angel is watching over?

2. What did Oliver say the woman who planted the bleeding heart plant probably got joy from in The Bleeding Heart?

3. What necessity has Oliver resigned to in Forty Years?

4. How does the editor describe the language in the first section of poems?

5. What does Oliver compare picking the right words to in Mysteries, Four of the Simple Ones?

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