New and Selected Poems Character Descriptions

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Percy (the dog) - This is the subject of three separate poems, each of which is devoted to revealing something wise and fairly mystical about the energetic little black dog.

Toadappears in Page 164 - This symbolizes the innate wisdom of the natural world.

Sea Mouseappears in Page 167 - What distinguishes this from the other creatures described in this volume is its pitiable ugliness. It is drowned and dead.

Williamappears in Page 169 - The author knows that at some point, this will become another entity who needs and wants; who demands and takes.

Winstonappears in Page 149 - This is described as a big dog of indeterminate breed that the poet comes upon in the moments just before dawn.

Billappears in Page 138 - This is an acquaintance of the poet, someone she sees only occasionally.

Benjaminappears in Page 11 - This dog is chasing and trying to kill a raccoon...

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